Every aspect of plant life, fully automated and fully optimized

The worlds most powerful automated garden

Highest yields. Fastest grow cycles. Greatest efficency.


water use reduction


nutrient use reduction


faster than soil


faster than hydroponics

Size Matters


max plant count


plant height


root depth

High level automation


control and check on your plants from anywhere in the world


any growing season or climate you can imagine, 365 days a year


SpaceGarden can operate completely hands-off for up to 2 months

FEFA - Full Environment Flow Aeroponics

a grow method fit for the 21st century

FEFA is a revolutionary grow method optimized for the three most important processes of plant life: photosynthesis, respiration, and transpiration. FEFA is a highly improved variant of HPA.

No Soil

by eliminating soil, FEFA is able to give your plants everything they desire, and nothing they don't

No Hydroponics

FEFA goes far beyond hydroponics, instead of suspending the plants in water, FEFA suspends them in air

No Algae

FEFA goes to extreme lengths to eliminate alage growth, including having zero standing water tanks


The indoor garden that truly makes a difference


say hello to the most nutrient packed, organic, pesticide-free produce in existence, grown right in your own home


SpaceGarden is large enough to make a substantial contribution to a familys food needs

The Future of Farming

Maximize profits and yields


use the SpaceGarden as a powerful research tool to experiment with the deepest processes of plant growth, then implement the results on your existing indoor farm


connect multiple SpaceGardens together to cost-effectively build the indoor farm of your dreams without any of the replumbing, rewiring, and engineering

contact for bulk pricing

Professional Grade

The next generation of precision agriculture


precision is paramount with an array of industrial grade sensors and microcontrollers


seamlessly add any sensors and regulators of your choice to the SpaceGarden


record and analyze the results of your experiments with built in research software


When we say every aspect, we mean it

sensing points

  • air temperature
  • humidity
  • carbon dioxide
  • oxygen
  • 1080p HD camera
  • growth image processing
  • pH/acidity
  • tds/ppm
  • turbidity
  • water pressure
  • root temperature
  • water temperature
  • ORP
  • water flow
  • air flow
  • light intensity (LUX)
  • electricity usage
  • door open/close
  • water recycle

regulating points

  • air heating
  • air cooling
  • humidifier
  • dehumidifier
  • carbon dioxide boost
  • root oxygen boost
  • 5x nutrient injectors
  • root heating
  • root cooling
  • water heating
  • water cooling
  • reverse osmosis filtration
  • 3x 450w LED grow lights
  • nutrient atomizers
  • high pressure pump
  • air exhaust
  • door lock
  • air circulation
  • carbon air filtration

Create your SpaceGarden

TestGrow program

we're searching for 5 experienced growers to test the SpaceGarden and push it to it's limits. as part of our TestGrow program, you'll recieve:
  • early delivery
  • 5 year warranty
  • $1,000 off
  • 1 of 5 special edition SpaceGardens
  • free seed pack
  • free nutrient pack
  • free filter pack

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